Your questions answered...

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  1. Will my data be secure?

    Data is secured over the Internet using SSL2/TLS certificates. Your data is backed up daily. The backups are automatically encrypted on the fly during the backup process with a key that is unique to your organization.

  2. Can I download my data anytime?

    Yes, most data can be downloaded in PDF or MS Excel formats as and when you need.

  3. What kind of uptime is assured?

    Currently, we GUARANTEE a 99.95% uptime and making arrangements to take it up a notch further to 99.99%.

  4. Can I get hruday integrated with online payment gateways?

    hruday currently supports Paypal and Stripe. In case you need customized integration with your bank’s payment gateway, we will be happy to provide the same. Simply, share your bank’s online integration APIs with us.

  5. Do you provide customized integrations?

    Yes, we do provide customized integrations for additional fees that varies depending on the nature/complexity involved. However, we do provide certain integrations for free too, especially that can be re-used by other customers such as integration with a third party online payment gateway that is widely used.

  6. What about features we need, but are not available in hruday?

    Feel free to request any new features, we are all ears. We will most definitely implement new feature requests based on the utility value of the request. We value your feedback and it is extremely important to us. We firmly believe that our service will get better only by listening to what our customers have to say about it. So just shoot us any request or feedback. Never hesitate even for a second.