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hruday | Transformations >>

Measure. Learn. Grow.

Let your employees focus on their core competence while we make it easier for them to work using technological advances to keep pace with this fast changing world.

  • Measure & Improve Employee Performance

    Help your employees identify strengths and weaknesses through performance appraisal processes that suit your organization.

  • Train & Grow Your People

    Build a learning organization by easily managing trainings for your employees and by maintaining your own digital learning database.

  • Identify & Nurture Talent

    Identify and manage your top talent to create future leaders at various levels within your organization.

  • Improve Recruitment Processing

    Maintain your own database of potential future hires and communicate and engage them as needs arise.

hruday | Transactions >>

Automate. Process. Analyze.

Automate all transactional events related to your people in a seamless manner while remaining current with the changing statutory requirements.

  • Easily Process Payroll, Benefits & Expenses

    Process your employee payroll and expenses seamlessly. Leave all the number crunching to our digital robots.

  • Manage Employee Benefits Creatively

    Engage your employees with perquisites and benefits that will help them to achieve personal goals.

  • Design & Track Budgets

    Allocate and manage budgets to achieve your strategic organizational human resource targets.

  • Track Employee Attendance & Leave

    Easily integrate attendance data from your existing attendance softwares.

  • Communicate & Manage Workflows

    Design workflows for various processes and share information with your people regularly.

  • Easily Manage Statutory Reporting

    Generate reports for analysis and statutory digital filings.